TripLogik GPS distance and route recorder is a purpose built journey recorder for anyone needing to record their road travel. It is fully automatic; you do not have to think about it, just drive. TripLogik comes with TripLogik Manager, an advanced but easy to use PC application which will display your journeys on Google Maps™ and help you generate customised travel reports which you can use for mileage claims, auditing or recreational purposes.

Reduce the hassle of reporting your mileage to a few mouse clicks. If you are self employed or need to report your mileage to your employer, TripLogik GPS distance and route recorder will do this automatically. When ready just connect your TripLogik recorder to your PC, upload your trips and fill in some basic information.


Reduce non-productive admin time. With TripLogik Manager, staff simply upload their trips and generate a report. Once business destinations have been identified the task of producing a report can be reduced to a few mouse clicks. Reports can be exported to 3rd party applications or to a central TripLogik Manager application for departmental admin.

Record your driving holiday. Ever wanted to re-capture memories of the places you visited on your driving holiday? With TripLogik you can record your holiday, pin-point the location of memorable sites and link these to photos you have taken. You can even fly your whole trip in Google Earth and see aerial views of the surrounding landscape.

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