Who Are We?

We are an organisation that focuses on small business and DIY Micro controller products. Although the company has been in operation for more then 15 years this web side is a new adventure to reach the home builder and the small business that made this country famous all over the world. Kiwi inventers come up with solutions that make the world take notice we hope to be able to assist in a small way. We will also list products that we found around the world and feel that they might be overlooked if we would not draw attention to them.

More About Me

Started as a PC board repair engineer in the days of CMOS and TTL then worked with a 4004 system 6800 6809 6502 68000 8080 z80 and then IBM PC. Now spending most my time in PC Lan and of course the internet. I run a consulting firm Independent Lan Consultants in the Wellington area but have always kept an interest in Micro controllers and DIY. As a result this web site has been born to assist others in entertaining them self's on those odd rainy windy nights that we get here.

Info About Others

This space is for other DIY people that want there products online but don't want to run a web site welcome to J H Electronics who manufacture microcontroller solutions and also develop software on the PC end if needed. Send us a message via contact us for more information.