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TripLogik GPS distance and route recorder is a purpose built journey recorder for anyone needing to record their road travel. It is fully automatic; you do not have to think about it, just drive.

TripLogik comes with TripLogik Manager, an advanced but easy to use PC application which will display your journeys on Google Maps™ and help you generate customised travel reports which you can use for mileage claims, auditing or recreational purposes. More:


Amicus is a multifuntion development system inspired by the world famous Arduino board, however, the Amicus board uses a Microchip PIC® microcontroller instead of an Atmel AVRtm type. More:


The big brother of Amicus Compiler The Proton Development Suite is the result of a collaboration between three British companies that lead their field, Crownhill Associates, Mecanique and Labcenter Electronics. The common goal was to create a best of breed product to provide the user with an affordable, comfortable yet powerful and seamless Development Environment for the most popular microcontrollers in the world today, the Microchip PIC® MCU. More: